Win 2x Tickets for Gig at "Stellwerk" Hamburg

In a trio, with bass, guitar, and piano, we will play alongside our friends from Peters Beine and RundFunk Collective at the first gig of the year.

17.02.2024           18:00              Stellwerk, Hamburg

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SPH Music Masters Band Contest- 22.07. Regio-Final

All we can say is: "Thank you!!!!!" to all our devoted fans at Cascadas last weekend  who made us have such a wonderful experience on stage playing our songs, let alone, you catapulted us into the next round of the SPH Music Masters band contest by giving us your vote! We couldn't have made this without you! 
It was also the first time, we noticed people singing along to our songs which is an incomparable feeling.

To sum up: It was an enjoyable night with great music and outstanding talent from start to finish.

Follow this link to view the final results of the jury's and the crowd's voting:

We will soon provide you with some video material for those of you who'd like to recapitulate and for those who were not able to attend.
For now, you'll find some visual impressions of our performance in this tiny foto galery.

This Turned Out to Be a Tour 2023

This summer, Sophie and the Sailors are going on their first tour across the northern part of Germany.  Most of the events are outdoor locations, which are free of admission . Just come along, enjoy drinks and food, participate in workshops and meet the band alongside numerous additional musical acts.
All tour dates are listed on our LIVE page.

Single Release No. 2 !

Find our new track "The Gates of the World" on all streaming platforms!

Hamburg -Band Contest - 1st place!!!!

Thanks to the voting of the jury and the dedicated support of all fans that showed up that night, we were able to win the first round of SPH MUSIC MASTERS, which means we will return for the Hamburg city finals on 22nd July at Cascadas!

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JEDEN TAG SILVESTER at Musik- und Kongresshalle Lübeck

In December 2022, we had the honour to play a support set for JEDEN TAG SILVESTER.
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